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Avlis policy on: The P-Merchant 'marketplaces'

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Avlis policy on: The P-Merchant 'marketplaces'

PostAuthor: Nighthawk4 » Wed Apr 04, 2007 6:54 pm

1. If you go through the Player Housing process - and the queue - to obtain a Player House which includes a p-merchant, then you can use this more or less as you wish (apart from muling between more than one of your own characters of course).

2. If your Guild does the same thing, then the same freedom applies (remembering that each Player may have only one character in the Guild at any time).

3. However, this takes time to obtain, due the fact that a lot of people want these and Player Housing is dealt with voluntarily by one person - CPU - who can spare only so much time to this process. He does a wonderful job, so those in the queue need to be patient.

4. Recently, CPU offered a 'short-cut' to getting hold of a p-merchant of your very own. He setup several 'Marketplaces', consisting of a group of p-merchants in one building. These were offered by a first-come, first-served process.

However, it was made quite clear that these were to be for personal use only and not for purchase or use by Guilds. It was also stated that if it was found that anyone had tried to get around this restriction by acting as a Proxy for a Guild, then the entire p-merchant would be erased without any compensation to the offending Player.

It would appear that is happening. Expect to see one or more p-merchants run away overnight, taking all of their goods with them very soon

These p-merchants are for personal use only - not for use by a Guild

I hope that is clear enough. :wink:
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