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Welcome to Avlis! 
Avlis is a persistent world, spanning 9 active servers, based on the Neverwinter Nights platform. Avlis is a high fantasy, lore rich world with intense roleplay where your character and the characters around you come alive. We have an active DM staff, QA staff and Community of wonderful dedicated people. Feel free to have a look around and ask questions. Come join us and experience a living, breathing fantasy world come to life.
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News ! Sat Jan 13, 2018 1:56 am
Hey all <[8)

The Avlis DM team would like to announce the following.

First, the promotion of

Major DM

and the return of

Minor DM


RPotY 2017 Fri Jan 12, 2018 12:32 am
Its that time again already folks, time to Vote for Role Player of the Year !!
Rules are the same as for RPotM , two votes, don't vote for yourself and as many comments as you like!

This years ballot for your consideration and votes

Tulip - The Little Fey that Could and Did and again and oh fudgysticks!

Grimley Axefingler - Not your typically dwarf and he uses his head to deal with traps. Multi-use Dwarf!

Fletcher Millstone - Mayor of Mystery and all around Mayor at large

Zerub - *holds his shield and spits followed by mumblecruses* Never says how he keeps that armor so white.

Yanyu Choym - Paladin of Nor'Seere; always ready to defend and stand up to darkness.

Gram Jamjeans- The halfling with the wit greater than size and twice an innocent.

Kosjixen - The little forest dragon that eats your gems and wears a crown of leaf and twig.

Elradra - Living a life far more interesting than yours.

Eko - Doom, Doom, Doom on you if you don't vote Eko. DOOM!

Rickus - The Law of Drakehall and not your typical Toranite either (but don't tell him that)

Fellock - The original Kenku and hero (or villain) of buffet

Grag Malf** - Resident Elysia carpenter and all around great guy to know.

Archibald Thel - Librarian, Explorer, Man of Adventure,and future overlord of crafting.

Tor - Cleaving his way through life two gits at time.

Melinda Menson - EEEEPPPP!!!!

Scarlet Firefly - The newest lady in black, tempting not only your fate but your soul too.

Rade - Extraordinary Adventurer!

Sapphire - The Spinner of Fates and Tales and always with a smile and grace.

Glorandrea - The Mistress of ROTE and I hear she can do a song too.

Thaylis - The Man of Drakehall and the most interesting man in the world!

**Grag is remorted but listed for his RPotM status

0. PLEASE VOTE FOR 2 PCs, or 1 PC AND "NOBODY!" Due to a system enhancement, all votes must have 2 PCs, or the system will not accept ballot. Please vote for two, or vote for 1 and add "nobody" for the second one. Without the " " marks.

1. Doesn't apply to RPotY.

2. Only one ballot (containing a vote for 2 PCs or 1 PC and "nobody") per Player is allowed. Attempts to vote multiple times using different GSIDs will result in ALL votes by that Player being thrown out.

3. Players may not vote for their own PCs.

4. DMs may not vote in the initial vote. Should the vote blow out to over three positions in either position, the DM team will roll the votes, by double votes each, unchangeable in a 24 hour vote. Other Team Members are free to vote and be voted on.

5. Votes cast for the DM members of the Team will not be counted. Please leave as many comments as you like <[8)


Use the comment section for explanation of your votes. No, it won't change the vote count or anything, but we do read and enjoy every comment. Many of the comments will also be posted with the results.

Yes, you can vote for a specific DM but they won't be announced publicly. They will get to see it Team-side, though. Comments for how awesome specific DMs are will also live Team-side. Yes, you can vote for NPCs and guilds/groups and they will get posted publicly in an "Honorable Mentions" section. Comments about NPCs and guilds/groups will be posted for public viewing.

*Rules 4 and 5 of RPotM are in effect and DM PC and DM votes are not valid.
All votes made before the posting of this RPotY posting do not count. The ballot was incomplete.
[center]Voting comments will run for 7 Days.
RPotY Voting Button!...     [Read full article]

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