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From: Jan 29, 2019 02:00 am
To: Jan 29, 2019 04:00 am

I, Malulani jael MacMurray, long time member and supporter of the Ferrell Exploration and Adventuring Troupe, would like to announce my last FEATing as Keeper of the Dice and as a Member of FEAT. Delurian has been once again voted in as Keeper and I have decided that at this time it is a call for me to pursue my other interests. My involvement with the A.K.N., Designated Guardian of Geritrie Forest, L.E.A.F. Ministries, the Shaman of the Sea Turtles warband - the Ice Turtles, the Order of O’Ma, and the Shemathen’Le’Yeritath are plenty enough for me to focus my attention on, as well as my retired and well-deserving husband, Champion Cole Dayhawke, who deserves my attention for all the work he has done in my life and the life of others.

I’d like to invite you all out to welcome Del as he re-takes the mantel of Keeper. I hope you will all support him in his coming years.


Invited: Everyone

Event Posted By silverfields2