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Deider's TGIF Party

From: Mar 09, 2018 08:00 pm
To: Mar 09, 2018 10:00 pm
This event is for the adventuring party DMed by Deider. Non-party members who show up will be allowed to join the event if agreed to by all party members in attendance.

The party has acquired the shield of Vlex Killix, grandfather of Vlad. Now they must deliver it to the emerald dragon Triell. How will the shield aid Triell in finding out if Co'Beir's fears of a darkness rising are true? What connection do the Prophetess' dreams have with this darkness? How are Triell, Vlex, and Co'Beir connected? And perhaps most importantly, will Vlad have to wear a dress again?

Starting place: Le'Or, Lower Nobles District

Invited: Everyone

Event Posted By Deider