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Deider's Tuesday Night Party

From: Feb 21, 2018 07:00 am
To: Feb 21, 2018 09:00 am
This event is for the Golden Legacy, DMed by Deider. Non-party members who show up will be allowed to join the event if agreed to by all party members in attendance.

Lachlan Skullcleaver has begun the trials to become the Washelgrigh, the champion of his clan for his generation and a defender of Deglos. But this has come at a price: his hometown of Bazgamph was attacked, and his grandfather, Labhlainn Skullcleaver, was gravely injured. Labhlainn's wounds resemble those inflicted upon Glora's mother, Isbeil, many years ago... wounds which eventually proved fatal. The Golden Legacy is faced with many questions: Who left the anonymous note that warned them of the attack on Bazgamph? Who is the necromancer who created the undead dwarves and trolls which made up the second phase of said attack? And can Glora find a cure for whatever has stricken Labhlainn?

Start location: Ocean Side Inn, Port of Nireth, Wilderness

Invited: Everyone

Event Posted By Deider