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Deider's Tuesday Night Party

From: Feb 07, 2018 07:00 am
To: Feb 07, 2018 09:00 am
This event is for the adventuring party DMed by Deider. Non-party members who show up will be allowed to join the event if agreed to by all party members in attendance.

The party has discovered that Caedmon did not choose them randomly - it seems that he has a connection to some of their relatives. What is Caedmon trying to do? And how is it connected to the "rising darkness" that Master Po mentioned? Were Rodrick's parents really murdered? Caedmon has promised to tell all he knows, but first, they must seek more wisdom, this time... from a dragon.

Vere and Caedmon have asked you to meet once again at The Foaming Mug Inn in Nanshi Urbaz, Deglos.

Invited: Everyone

Event Posted By Deider