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Ferrell Trade Fair - Auction Day

From: Nov 05, 2017 12:00 am
To: Nov 05, 2017 11:45 pm
((Original Notice Here))

The Fabulous Ferrell Trade Fair

Auction Day

The Auction Day Guidelines are as follows:
  1. You are welcome to advertise your own auctions under the main notice if you want. First come, first serve for the times.
  2. Since there will not be a formal advertised list, we won't be distinguishing between SATF sanctioned and unsanctioned auctions as far as what you advertise. If you advertise something that is questionable (legally, morally, religiously or whatever else), then action may be taken by whatever authorities feel the need to try. The SATF will suggest our own objections as well, and take whatever actions we can, or feel are appropriate, but the SATF also will not be held responsible for actions or advertising by others.
  3. If a representative of the SATF is present and hosting auctions, that representative will do their best to maintain the schedule set here by others, and stick to the guidelines, as well as organizing "walk-in" auctions between ones that are scheduled in advance. To that end, SATF representatives may ignore any notices made here after the start time of the fair, and make small changes in scheduling to keep things moving along more smoothly. Times advertised for auctions are always approximations only.
  4. Auctions without a representative of the SATF are not only permitted, but encouraged. Auction Day runs for a full day, so take advantage of it. If you see a SATF representative hosting a round of auctions, please ask them to add your name on whatever the current list is, unless they say the floor is open.
  5. Please don't monopolize the auction floor for an extended period of time. If you can sell 20 things in under half an hour, fine, but normally the auctions are better when one person auctions from 3 to 5 items. Exceptions are always made when rare and exciting sales happen. I'd be strung up if I tried to stop someone wanting to sell 10 pairs of rare boots in a row, or other interesting things.
  6. Nothing clears a room like someone dragging the bidding out, hoping for a few more coins, or selling things you can buy any day from merchants or crafting/artificing specialists. If you want a minimum amount for your auction, say so before bidding starts, and take what is bid. Otherwise, a formal auction done in the tavern and other notice boards may be a better option for you, or finding a merchant willing to sell your items in a shop for a set price.
  7. If you want to offer some great deals to starting adventurers, doing it in a room full of wealthy ones and merchants who specialize in reselling for a profit is the wrong way. At least advertise the sale in advance, and choose a time when the crowd isn't there to bid on rarer items (or simply sell it outside Auction Day).

SATF Member, Trade Fair Co-Organizer and Co-Host

*Added as a footnote*

Some of the benefits of advertising your auctions in advance:
  • Advertising lets others know when items they want are available, so they can save up for them and either be there, or arrange for a proxy to bid for them.
  • More interested bidders tends to result in more bids, and also higher bids.
  • As a result, you make more gold.
  • This attracts others who like to watch, even if they can't afford insanely high priced things. They also tend to stay for other auctions they can afford and bid in.
  • More bidding/bidders/gold/heckling means more entertainment for all.

Invited: Everyone

Event Posted By Gorgon