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Ranger/Druid Event (Intro- Tree Haven Inn)

From: Oct 03, 2017 02:30 am
To: Oct 03, 2017 04:30 am
“Get to know you” Ranger/Druid Event – Tree Haven Inn

Auryna’s kicking off the first in a series of events aimed to Rangers and Druids! If you’ve got a Ranger or a Druid, you’re thinking of taking one of those classes, or you have no clue but want some great role-play based on class inspired topics, come on over and meet your fellow nature-based buds!

Also, if you’re still seeking a good fit of a god/dess of Nature, come and ask questions.

For this first meet, please bring:
• Yourself!
• A topic on a skill you’d like to learn
• A topic on a skill you’d like to teach (optional)
• A quest/hunt or other need you request aid from a group to complete (optional)

This first event will be a bit relaxed, more of a ‘get to know each other’, share which deity we follow (or not), discover how we might assist each other, identify the needs in our communities, make a list of quest needs for future hunts, etc etc. Depending on time and attendance, there may also be a quick romp through somewhere (as is only fitting!)

p.s. there will be pie.

Invited: Everyone

Event Posted By Ambrosia