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The Fabulous Ferrell Trade Fair!

From: Nov 04, 2017 12:00 am
To: Nov 05, 2017 11:45 pm
((Original Notice Here))

The South-Avlis Trade Federation and the Ferrell Tourist Agency Proudly Presents

The Fabulous Ferrell Trade Fair

The South-Avlis Trade Federation (in cooperation with the Ferrell Tourist Agency) will be holding yet another spectacular Trade Fair at the Bazaar in the Coventry Fairgrounds. All manner of traders from across Avlis will be there! Several representatives of the SATF, as well as independent merchants, will be available to provide you with their services.

((Trade Fair Dates:November 4th - Trade Day, starting at 12:00 AM UTC, through November 5th - Auction Day, ending whenever everyone goes home.))
People have been showing up earlier and leaving later at recent Trade Fairs, which is fantastic, so don't be afraid to stick your head in the door and see what is going on!

The theme for this Trade Fair is:

Spooky Harvest Festival

The previous spooky harvest festivals were so popular, we've decided to make them part of the Trade Fair. Come join the fun, and dress up as something scary. If you think spooky/creepy/scary stuff is far too serious to be making fun of, then dress up as anything you want. Pick your favorite hero or villain, monster or rodent, or even be a shrub of you want. Any costume will do!

If you want to plan some sort of event to go with the theme, you are more than welcome to do so (read on)!

Auctions will be held on the second day of the Fair only, in the auction hall downstairs from the Bazaar. Please, No auctions on the first day (Trade Day). There will not be a formal Auction Day list. Instead, read the Auction Day Guidelines below the main notice, and advertise your own if you want to. You have a full day to host your auctions, and plenty of time to pre-advertise them. Please make use of that time, and don't take folks away from the trade deals a day before that.

Previous Trade Fairs have seen several organized events and performances hosted by various people. Some of these were very popular, and the SATF would like to encourage even more to do the same. You are free to organize whatever you like (and advertise them below the main notice), but please use some common sense. Always be aware of your surroundings and any problems you may cause. This includes anything from accidental harm and damage caused by magical demonstrations, to cleaning up after a cow zombie herding lesson in the auction hall (there are some nice outdoor areas at the Fair for that).

As mentioned, you are welcome to advertise your auctions and events below the main notice if you choose to, but please Do Not Advertise Your Trade Fair Stalls There! Use another space for them, and the replies they may get.

Come one and come all to the Fabulous Ferrell Trade Fair. We all look forward to seeing you there!

How To Get There wrote:Directions to the Fair

From Elysia head North-West until you reach the boat to Ferrell. From Mikona take the next boat heading there. From anywhere with public portal access, simply walk out of Sherrill's Imports & Exports after traveling to Ferrell. All of these options will get you to Port Eridanus.

From Port Eridanus head West and you will find yourself in Coventry Fair. In the South-West corner of Coventry Fairgrounds is the Bazaar, where we hold the Trade Fair.

If you have any questions, send word to Lucky's Exchange in Nutz. Address it to Smeec. ((PM Gorgon))

Best of luck with your dealings at the Fair!

SATF Member, Trade Fair Co-Organize and Co-Host

Invited: Everyone

Event Posted By Gorgon